Thursday, October 15, 2015

Doll Hair

So as I was saying... Yesterday (before Natalie cut her head open on the bookshelf) the little girls and I had spent a lovely afternoon playing dolls. We brushed out lots of hair with the tip I'd seen on pinterest some time ago, recommending using fabric softener to get out those tangles. Worked like magic for most all of them, but sadly, Elsa and Anna's hair must have been made from a different brand, cause those two still look pretty frazzled. I didn't get them wet or rinse them out though, maybe I'll go back and try again. I think Ariel is the prettiest. Lily thinks so too, that is her doll
I'm excited to have a 5 day weekend! No school today or tomorrow, yippie! The girls played with the dolls all day today, it's nice to have some down time.
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