Friday, October 16, 2015

The Real "Toy Story"

Joseph got a Woody doll for his 2nd birthday. Our Woody doll has been "an old family toy" (just like Andy's!) for almost 14 years. And now... now his time has come. Stinky Pete was right.
"Idiots!!! Children destroy toys!!!"
Destroy = fingers broken off
"You will be ruined!"
Ruined = cowboy jeans ripped open, back of neck sliced, head almost completely decapitated... 
This permanent marker was the final straw for me. All over Woody's face (artwork by Natalie) ~ I tried to wipe it off with a magic eraser, hoping it was a dry erase marker and not permanent, but when the black rubbed off to reveal a nice purple stain on the plastic, I decided that was it. I just can't keep him and have those poor black glassed over eyes staring at me...
Time to say goodbye. He'll be "spending eternity rotting in some landfill!" We're glad Toy Story isn't real, cause if it were, it would be so sad to make Woody's nightmare come true! "I don't want to play with you anymore... (cue creepy voice) Byeeeee Wooooodyyyyy...."
So lesson to all the other toys at our house - break out now if you still can, cause Stinky Pete was right. This is the true story of toys around our house. Woody of the movies was lucky that there was only one younger sister in his wake. It will be a rare thing for any toys to survive for the next generation at our house!
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