Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ER Trip

Today I was going to record how hard the girls and I worked to brush out the hair on all of their large princess dolls. But it will have to wait for tomorrow cause we had something else happen that needs to be recorded today. After I'd finished the dolls' hair and was getting Tinkerbell dressed, Natalie, who had been playing a game on the arm of the couch, hit her head. Her game was to stand on the ground next to the couch and lean backward on the arm and let herself fall backwards onto the couch cushion. She and Sophi both played this game successfully for a while, but on this turn for Natalie, her feet didn't push her with enough momentum to go over the arm and she came back forward down on the ground, but her feet didn't catch, so she fell forward with no feet to stand on and smacked her head on the side of the bookshelf. It was a loud hit, and I knew she hit it hard, and then she turned to me and I saw the blood going down her face. I picked her up and had her lay in my arms, looked at the wound and... yep, it looked big enough that it was going to need stitches. OK! So... next item, how do I get to the ER... it was 3:30, the older kids should be walking in the door any minute... I call Corey... "Natalie needs stitches..." He recommended I go now and not wait for the older kids. But I didn't want to take Owen and Sophi with me to the ER... but I couldn't think clearly as my brain tried to asses the situation. I was still holding Natalie in my arms as I paced and tried to talk to Corey and think. Then, oh yeah! Next door neighbors! (duh!) I give Lisa a call on her cell. She wasn't home but would be there in 10 minutes and said her college daughter was home and could watch Sophi and Owen while I take Natalie in. Yay ~ Okay, got that part figured out. I'm not looking fancy but have shoes near by, I slip them on. Owen is on the couch starting to fuss, I'm still holding Natalie. She's not crying but just looking up at me with her big beautiful eyes cause she can tell that whatever just happened to her is a big deal and she's awaiting instructions. I didn't want her to follow me over to the neighbors' house... I lay her down and tell her to stay and don't move, stay there, I'll be right back... I run upstairs and get a diaper/bottle/formula for Owen. As I come down the stairs to take them over, Kaile comes in the house to help and picks up Owen. Perfect! Ok! That's everything then, right? Yes ~ So into the car I go. Sophi followed me and wanted to come but I said no and she was sad but NO, you're not coming, I gotta take Natalie to the doctor, I'll be right back. I lay Natalie down on the seat and was going to have her lay down on the drive, but she got up and into her carseat. She still wasn't fussing, but she was tired cause she hadn't had a nap and she fell asleep.
I get to the ER and walk in carrying a sleeping child with blood all over her face, which might have looked like I was carrying a dead child or something really urgent. So it wasn't as bad as it looked. There was no wait, we go into triage, they get her vitals and weight and they give her a little pink teddy bear, and then into room 9 to wait for the doctor. And Natalie is just being so sweet and perfect.
Seriously, this is how she was looking at me the whole time. Just submitting to the situation and waiting for me to tell her what to do, adorable.
She was precious. All the nurses and hospital people kept commenting on how good she was and how sweet and cute. It's all true, she's just an angel. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks? You're so cute Natalie.
I texted this photo above to Corey and the kids and our parents, giving the play by play. Besides, this is big news, it's not every day you get to go to the ER. The cut looked a lot better after they cleaned her up ~ I took pictures of her and then showed them to her. When she saw this one below, she kissed the phone photo to kiss the owie better.
A nice straight cut there. That's good, cause that means they can use the glue instead of stitches. Another short wait (just two plays of the "Let it Go" video on my phone) and they're back with the glue, tape, and DermaBond.
All done Natalie! You are all better! Should we go home?
So she hit her head at 3:30 and by 4:30 she was up and walking out of the Emergency Room. Good job you cute girl. And she had a big bandaid to show off to all her siblings and the neighborhood kids when she got home.
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