Saturday, October 17, 2015

Empty Milk Jug

I opened the fridge this morning to find someone had left a message for whoever it was that left an empty milk carton: "Ok, who drank the rest of the milk and put the empty jug back in there?"
Cue Darth Sidious~ "IT WAS I!"

(We love Studio C!) At first I thought Melodie wrote that on the milk carton, cause she is usually the creative one around here. I also thought the handwriting was too good to be one of the boys. So I blogged that it was her. Then she read the blog and said she didn't do it, it was Ethan. So I edit. I'm updating this now on Monday where Ethan is home from school and reading the blog and said "I didn't do it, it was Joseph!" They were all being so modest not to take credit. So that made me laugh though, cause now I'm editing it again to record the right kid - we want to keep a true record of our family history. I decided to check with Joseph to make sure I wouldn't have to edit a third time. "Joseph, did you write that funny stuff on the milk jug?" With a tone of isn't-it-obvious he quickly said yes. Then he talked about how he did that cause he didn't want to take the carton out to the recycling. I think writing that out took more time, but whatever makes him happy! So let it be known, Joseph was the creative child today, glad there is plenty of creativity to go around!
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