Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Love Notes

Over the weekend, we all started discovering little love notes and love post-its from a sweet little sister and daughter. This one to Owen was my favorite, cause of the drawing of Owen and his little bald head and cause of how Lily spelled his name. Love it
So I found that in his crib tucked in a blanket. Here's a note to Corey and Me:
I found those first, later yesterday saw these in Joseph and Ethan's room:
(so cute.)
Joseph and Ethan's new room, I'd like to say, looks awesome. Cleanest and tidiest room in the house!
Mostly thanks to me, but it's cleanliness is spilling over to the rest of the house, cause I'll go in there and quickly make their beds, and then I'm making beds and folding laundry everywhere. Here is Wesley and Hyrum's new set up:
Wesley saw me making Hyrum's bed yesterday morning after the Jr. high crowd was gone, and then he made his own bed, so I left him a note next to his toy guinea pig:
Later I was putting away laundry in Joseph and Ethan's room and saw Ethan's sock drawer. Most of their clothes weren't tidy, as they just moved things out of the way during our bedroom switching this weekend, so I wasn't expecting a tidy drawer and was very surprised to see socks and underwear neatly folded. That deserves a little treat too!
And then I was in a good mood for thinking of how they'd feel happy at finding the note and treat and knowing that I noticed their efforts, and that made me feel like a good mom, which made me happy, and I just kept on happily cleaning and organizing. Of course it helped that Owen was taking an awesome and long nap. But was a great day. Might also be because I accidentally fell asleep around 9:30 on Sunday night, thus I probably got enough sleep, woo-hoo! Maybe I'll try to do that again too.
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