Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference Quiz

General Conference this past weekend was wonderful. During the first session I wrote up a quiz - a question for each talk as I listened, then the kids that listened got to earn a treat for answering the questions ~

1) What was the word on the quilt? (Uchtdorf's talk)
2) The church is a _______ to take us on our destination (Ballard's talk)
3) Like clay on the potter's wheel, we need to be ________ as well (Maynes talk)
4) What was the Marriott's family motto that helped them when their daughter Georgia died in a bike accident? (Neill Marriott's talk)
5) What is one of the things the Holy Ghost told people to do who asked "What lack I yet?" (Lawrence's talk)
6) What language did Elder Vinas speak in?
7) Ship Shaped and Bristol Fashion - define it (Elder Cook's talk)

Joseph and Ethan both got 100%, What is your score? Mel would have aced it too, but she was gone - she has orchestra Saturday mornings. Next time we're going to have her miss orchestra though, duh! Where are our priorities?!

For the second session, I had Owen on my lap or in my arms most of the time so I wasn't able to take notes or write up questions. I passed out treats anyway. On Sunday morning, I listened as I cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast, then I went upstairs and watched from up there. Along with many other members, I noticed that President Monson was starting to struggle at the end of his talk and that the microphone was covering his face. I watched him with concern and was praying for him. This story was shared on facebook about some children who were drawing pictures of what they saw (I should have had my kids do that) and they drew angels by President Monson. One of the children said the men had "sprinkles" (aka were sparkling). I loved his message and have recommitted myself to read, study and ponder the scriptures more each day.
I also loved Elder Schwitzer's talk - he was my stake president when I returned home from my mission and who did my interview before Corey and I were married in the temple. Love him. A friend from my church ward has a little business making printables like that one above - here are some Conference freebies, cute stuff! I've already started reviewing the talks, and we're going to "ponderize" too - instead of us all choosing our own though, we're just doing a family one using the scripture mastery in the Old Testament, which is what Joseph and Melodie are studying in seminary this year. This week is Proverbs 3:5-6 - we've all go this on our phones:
I love Conference weekend and setting goals again to become better and strive to improve.
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