Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Books and Toys

Natalie was reading a book last week. When she was done with a page, she ripped it out. I heard the ripping and came in to see, made me laugh.
Time to bid adieu to Sleeping Beauty. This is why I buy books at the thrift store. Tub soup is another reason. Silly toddlers. (The soup here is by Lily in 2012)
So, today we broke out some of the family baby toys for Owen. He liked the gym toy - he's ready to start grabbing stuff and practicing using his little hands. Natalie loved the piano. She was cracking me up. I was glad I got a video of it without ruining the moment, she'd count for herself and then plunk away at the toy piano.

I thought it was pretty cute. Her forehead gash is healing nicely. They said make sure it didn't get wet and that the bandaid stayed on until Monday. Today I took off the bandaid but she still has the tape and glue on. What else? I'm almost feeling back to normal, like I have even kept the house pretty clean for the past three days. Hopefully we're getting into the swing of school and life with a new baby.

(and by the way, I do get Natalie dressed almost every morning, but she prefers to be undressed. She's also started to take off her diaper by herself which I don't appreciate, but luckily it hasn't been happening too much so far this week. Luckily she also has not sat on the carpet after taking off a #2 diaper, so no messes from her new talent yet either, phew)
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