Thursday, May 18, 2017

Getting Healthy

My little health challenge that started the beginning of April has been going well. This Monday my weigh in weight loss total was 10 pounds (of course I starved myself/fasted each Sunday before Monday morning weigh in, but I'm reaching a new low each week, so yay!) I've got two more weeks, then I might see if anyone wants to continue or maybe I'll start my own group. I've really enjoyed it. It's almost like I'm doing Whole30, I don't eat carbs and I don't eat much meat... I'm mostly focusing on things that will help me lose weight, so lots of veggies, no bread or processed food, I'll have whole grain a few times a week, and a little bit of meat now and then. Here's a typical meal - yummy veggie soup - this is a bunch of steamed squash and cauliflower topped with a barley vegetable soup from Costco, so good!
And I love these pretty bowls, I bought them for myself for Christmas. :) The kids trying to get on a health kick too. Abi has a friend at school who is going without sugar for a year, so she's trying to eat less sugar and has skipped the junk cereal for breakfast and has been cooking eggs!

Mel's always been a light eater with a small sweet tooth, but she'll eat avocado and other stuff that the other kids won't try. This morning I caught her chewing on a leaf of lettuce this morning for her breakfast and I thought "Weirdo!" I'm a weirdo too. Today I had three heads of lettuce. Romaine, I'm not brave enough for kale yet. I do spinach sometimes. I made the kids put some frozen spinach in a smoothie this week and it ruined the whole thing. I took a little taste, it was way bad! I think it was either spinach that had freezer burn or that someone left it out and it all thawed and then got refrozen. It was super nasty.

And a little shout out to Hyrum, he and I started in November with a 12 week challenge for ourselves. He did better than me, he has lost 12 pounds since November. And Joseph recently had a lesson in his Seminary class about that Word of Wisdom, and the teacher gave a disclosure that he was going to share his own interpretation of the scriptures, but shared in the Joseph Smith Translation of Genesis 9 verse 11 that says "And surely, blood shall not be shed, only for meat, to save your lives; and the blood of every beast will I require at your hands." So, for Joseph, the thought of being accountable for the blood of every beast that is slain for him, has inspired him to eat meat very sparingly, as in like he won't eat it now. He's basically gone vegetarian, which is making me think about what that scripture says. But as I'm getting used to his new diet I forget, so I've been feeling bad for him when I make our usual dinners (like Orange Chicken) and there's not much for him to eat if he's to be true to his new ideal. So we might be changing up food around here even more than we did just for Hyrum and me, it's hard to makes meals for all these different dietary lifestyles, we might need to come to a consensus. Might be a new experience shopping at Coscto if we don't buy our orange chicken as that is definitely a kid favorite. I snapped this pic at Costco today cause it's such a rare occurrence.
I usually don't take a lot of kids to the store for me. Usually it's just me and Daniel, or me and Daniel and Owen. But all the little kids came with me today, they were pretty excited.
Owen being affectionate to Daniel, they are cute.

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