Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Almost Done

Ethan has been working hard as Governor of Churchill, especially the past few weeks. It seems like he had to stay after school everyday to work on something for the COW assembly (Churchill Office Winners). But today was the day of the ceremony that marks that his governorship is officially coming to an end. We went to see his send off and stayed for the whole thing and as long as we could until, unfortunately, Mel had a lesson and we had to leave. We left right before Ethan walked down the isle with his friend Kimmy. So we didn't hear the roar of applause from his constituents, but we did get to snap a picture on our way out.
Sorry buddy, I'm sure they cheered loud for you. And Mel, tsk tsk. You gotta plan these things out better. If she had taken the bus then Corey and I could have stayed. Oh well. That's what we get for not pushing her to get her license yet. She's been 16 for five months, still no license. We don't want the car insurance cost to spike again though by adding another teenage driver, so I guess we're willing to continue to be your chauffeur.

So big assembly was today, and for the high school kids, they are just finishing up the last few assignments. Joseph stayed up late working on this video for his calculus homework. It was a group project, and they all worked on the lyrics and filming together, but Joseph wasn't finished yet cause unfortunately he's the one with the sweet video editing skills. So while his classmates were sleeping, Joseph was up editing. But good news is that it's his last all nighter. Video turned out pretty sweet! When he left this morning it was still processing so I had to upload it to youtube for him and we talked on the phone so he could give me last minute instructions - how to spell his classmates names correctly and to put them in the video description, etc. Took me two times uploading it to work. Then sent the link to his teacher so it could be turned in on time, before 7:30, and then he was done! No more big homework assignments, yay!

The last day of school for our Churchill and Skyline kids is this Friday. Phew, we're all glad the school year is starting to come to an end, even if we still have another 2 weeks of it with the rest of the gang. The end is near, hallelujah.

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