Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Daily Bread

Our internet was having issues this past weekend again. We could get on some sites but not on others. One that wouldn't upload was the blog. But just tried it now and it worked, so going to update things while I can. Life has felt a little rough this past week. Joseph didn't win SBO but he handled it like a champ. He looked like he could have cried if he let himself, but he kept a brave face and congratulated the winners. So that was Friday. Things have been pretty stressful for Corey. We are trying to cleave to the Lord to get us through. Thus I've been clinging to this great talk by Elder Christofferson quite a bit this past week:

I've referred to this talk before when we've been in a tight spot and are walking to the edge of a cliff with Corey's work. It's a classic for me that helps me carry on, like Elder Holland's "Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence" and S. Michael Wilcox's "Fourth Watch" - both excellent messages when one is struggling to carry on.

Also, thinking of Mary helps me keep perspective. Sure, things are scary and unknown, but I'm not burying two of my children. If she can say "Carry on" then so can I. "Carry on, finish your mission" - and that for me isn't a mission to England but my mission on earth. We can carry on, trusting that God is aware and in control.

On my walk this morning, I was trying to listen to Elder Christofferson's Daily Bread talk. Had to use the video to listen, it clicked away as I walked, New post on my phone was "Why it will All Work Out" - Will it!?! Sigh, I'm trying to trust. I felt like the title there was a little "keep your chin up" message from the Lord. I will try to believe in good things to come.

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