Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

I have had a nice Mother's Day. It started off with Daniel waking me up a lot at night, which is unusual for him. I think it's cause his nose was stuffy and he had a hard time breathing. Around 4:30 a.m. he was fully awake so I cleaned out his nose and we went downstairs where he could sit on the floor with toys and I could try to rest on the couch. I spent the next hour and a half being almost asleep and then Daniel would cry so I'd go adjust him or put his toys closer. Around 6:00 I said "Daniel! You're supposed to be nice to me today! It's Mother's Day!" to which I imagined I heard him reply "Dear Mother, this is what Motherhood day is all about! Being tired and up during the night with me! I thought this was the most appropriate way to honor you." "Well, ok, you're right. Thank you my sweet baby." So that was when I gave up on sleep and we went and took a bath. Then I got the kids up and ready and we left to church on time (on time =15 minutes before it starts). Corey woke up and tried to wake up Ethan and Joseph "Come on you two! Let's try to beat the lady with 9 kids today..." Ha! I made it out the door with my van of kids before they did, I won again! But I was glad Corey and his group were slow and still at home cause I forgot Daniel's bottle and was able to call him for help.

At church Corey was a good mother to Owen during class time. Lots of our friends walked by the nursery and saw this as they peeked in. and I'm not the only one who snapped a picture. Pretty cute. Corey joked that he was in deep meditation.
Daniel was awake most of the time at church so he was ready for a nap when he got home. Wesley begged to hold him as he sadly told me "Daniel's never fallen asleep on me!" Well this is your lucky moment, Wes, cause Daniel snuggled right up to his neck.
Then his eyes slowly glazed over and soon he was doing long blinks and Wesley rocked him in the chair and he was out.
Corey's family came over for a potluck BBQ dinner at 5. We enjoyed food and visiting and presented her with a gift: a family photo session with all of us in 2 weeks on June 1st. Yay! As we were visiting with family, Corey told a little bit about this trip to Seattle this past week and he mentioned how he had taken his saxophone at the request of one of the other developers. Corey had been invited to join him and played some jazz at a local bar. Corey had agreed and they played and Corey wasn't tempted to drink any alcohol, seeing as we're Mormon and all, but poor Abi, when she heard that Corey had gone to a bar, her eyes glazed over and she stared down at the ground in shock. Her face practically turned white... she was mortified. As we talked to her later about it as we tried to convince her that how her father hadn't done anything bad or wrong by going inside a bar and playing an instrument. But she is not convinced. This is just about the worst thing ever, she's worried that Corey's gonna be kicked out of the church for this. Below - a screen shot of the video his friend took:
Abi has a very tender heart. Don't you worry, Abi! Your dad is okay, and people who drink in bars are okay too - we can still be their friends! We know, sometimes it's hard to live in such a bubble and find out about the world out there. (She is seriously acting like Corey had an affair or something...) We'll make it through this.

One last thing from tonight, as we were all outside we heard a bird or something chirping and we looked all around trying to find where the sound was coming from... we finally found a baby bird in our basement window sill. It didn't look hurt at all, so we're not sure what to do, but I decided I don't really want to be involved (see my previous experience with a lost baby bird). So we'll see where that leads tomorrow. I called my mom kinda late tonight and wished her a happy mother's day and we visited for a while. She is rock solid/salt of the earth, I love her. 

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