Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

I have had a nice Mother's Day. It started off with Daniel waking me up a lot at night, which is unusual for him. I think it's cause his nose was stuffy and he had a hard time breathing. Around 4:30 a.m. he was fully awake so I cleaned out his nose and we went downstairs where he could sit on the floor with toys and I could try to rest on the couch. I spent the next hour and a half being almost asleep and then Daniel would cry so I'd go adjust him or put his toys closer. Around 6:00 I said "Daniel! You're supposed to be nice to me today! It's Mother's Day!" to which I imagined I heard him reply "Dear Mother, this is what Motherhood day is all about! Being tired and up during the night with me! I thought this was the most appropriate way to honor you." "Well, ok, you're right. Thank you my sweet baby." So that was when I gave up on sleep and we went and took a bath. Then I got the kids up and ready and we left to church on time (on time =15 minutes before it starts). Corey woke up and tried to wake up Ethan and Joseph "Come on you two! Let's try to beat the lady with 9 kids today..." Ha! I won again! But I was glad Corey was still home cause I forgot Daneil's bottle and was able to call him for help. At church Corey was a good mother to Owen during class time. Lots of our friends walked by the nursery and saw this as they peeked in. and I'm not the only one who snapped a picture. Pretty cute. Corey joked that he was in deep meditation.
Daniel was awake most of the time at church so he was ready for a nap when he got home. Wesley begged to hold him as he sadly told me "Daniel's never fallen asleep on me!" Daniel snuggled right up to his neck <3 p="">
Then his eyes slowly glazed over and soon he was doing long blinks and Wesley rocked him in the chair and he was out.
Corey's family came over for a potluck BBQ dinner at 5. We enjoyed food and visiting and presented her with family photo session with all of us in 2 weeks on June 1st. Yay! Also, as we were all outside we heard a bird chirping and finally found a baby bird in our basement window sill. It didn't look hurt at all, so we're not sure what to do, but I decided I don't really want to be involved (see my previous experience with a lost baby bird). So we'll see where that leads tomorrow. I called my mom kinda late tonight and wished her a happy mother's day and we visited for a while. She is rock solid/salt of the earth, I love her. 

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