Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Precious Sight

I happened upon a precious sight this morning in the girls' room. These three little girls were snuggled together in bed.
This picture above rarely happens. Usually Natalie is in our room on the floor. This picture is what I had envisioned when we put the full sized bottom bunk bed in there~ there would be plenty of room for all three of them to sleep! But I did not, however, think of them all stuck together in a pile. They are supposed to each lay straight, with their heads each on a pillow side by side in a line. So the little girl reality here doesn't actually look very comfortable to me. But none of them seem to mind. Lily is the one squished in the middle there.
I thought it was really cute. In other news and for posterity's sake, let me report here that no deal was struck today in Brazil for my sweetheart. He had been hoping and praying for something to happen with our friend and former bishop down there. But they are busy with their own new opportunities and wished Corey's business luck. So, we thought it would have been great for us and MM and for their company too, but now we're back sailing adrift at see with no sight of rescue or help to pull us through. So I listened to "Confide in God Unwaveringly" today. I've been reviewing the conference talks. This one was appropriate. We will press forward. Even though we don't see a way out, God can see a way, he is the way. Things will work out!

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