Monday, May 29, 2017

Royal Ball

Yesterday after church, Hyrum was an awesome big brother and had an idea of a game his little sisters could play. He made them crowns and they all got into it. Hyrum was the king, Natalie and Sophia were his princesses
Natalie is so stinkin' cute. I took quite a few pictures and her expression in each one is just so fun, I love her little face. Here are the pics of her face in order that I took them. That picture above was #3
I'm not sure who she was waving at all of a sudden as I took her picture, but it made me laugh, and then it made her laugh too.
 Feeling pretty great about herself I think.
Wesley was a prince from a neighboring kingdom. He hadn't particularly wanted to participate, but Natalie really wanted a prince. And that is all princes are, right? Wesley has been reduced from a young man to a princess accessory.
They held a Royal Ball. Lily was a pirate that crashed the party. (And as they played during the day, it turns out Lily killed the queen, but the queen was actually still alive! Drama as good as on Alias...) Abi started out as a maid servant at the ball, where she offered guests imaginary double dumpings. Then later in the game she was a pirate too.
Here is a little video of their dance. It was pretty cute. I love Natalie's little kick at 1:09. Daniel had a really big smile at 1:48 too.  I love my kids, I love my family! I love moments like this, I love being a mother and to know I'll be with all these souls forever.

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  1. where was i when all of this happened


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