Saturday, May 6, 2017


So today Hyrum discovered an app (via Studio C's Instagram page) so he downloaded it and started taking pictures and now we've all been laughing so hard... it makes you look old or young and gives you a toothy smile, it's so funny. Let's start with Hyrum since he took his own picture first:
So the top right is the original, and the rest of the collage is toothy grin, old person, girl or guy features. Some of them are really funny, others are a bit disturbing, such as Owen's below.
Freaky, right? We couldn't bring ourselves to do a collage of Daniel, but it would probably be similar to that old 8 mo old pic of Owen, like some psycho chucky doll. Aside from the occassional disturbing photo, they're mostly crowd pleasers. So here are the rest of the pictures: Wesley
Natalie's grandma and toothy picture really made us laugh!
Corey ~ This one made us all laugh. Corey said after looking at the old man picture: "Yep, that's exactly how I feel..." followed by "Are you sure that was even with a filter?" Lol
And here's mine. I think I'm going to have to cut my hair off when I get older... I think long hair on me would be a bit too witch - like on me as a grandma...
And Joseph. Corey said that Joseph's girl pic looks like a girl that hasn't been going to seminary.
Joseph was shaking his head at how the tooth picture made his teeth look so crooked. Get that app some orthodontic work! Anyway, we've all be laughing and having fun, pretty silly.

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