Friday, May 12, 2017


Another story from this week - On Wednesday morning at study group, a neighbor told us that her husband was on his way to work and considering how things had been going, he was either going to be resigning or would be fired. She asked for our prayers and they started into new territory with his career. I added that Corey and I could use prayers too. After study group was over, we came home and I gave her a call. We talked for probably an hour as I watered the grass outside. It was a good talk, nice to have friends who we are able to exercise faith with! It helped to talk with her. I think it made her feel better, cause our situation seemed a bit more bleak than theirs, so she's glad she's not us, lol.

As we talked, Daniel sat on the grass, Owen was asleep inside, and Natalie and Sophi played in the water. Natalie and Sophi also ventured over to the dirt in the tree farm. At one point, I couldn't see Sophi so I called for her. No answer. I picked up Daniel and walked over, I called and called her name, but no answer. I was wearing flip flops and couldn't go into the gully with flip flops on or carrying Daniel. I ran back home to put on shoes and was about to call a neighbor to watch Daniel while I went to find Sophi, and just then I saw Natalie talking to her across the tree farm and Sophi walking across the dirt. I went out, Sophi had been crying. She couldn't find us. She had tried to go to the "park" (a neighbor's swing set) but she got lost and thought she would never see us again. she couldn't hear me calling. She was pretty sad and scared for what she had just been through but was glad that it was over and that she was back home. "I thought I never see you again!" Poor little girl.
She had gone down to where the kids have a club. When she realized she was lost, she cried and prayed as she tried to climb through the brush back home. I told her that next time she has to stay where she can see me and our house.

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