Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sugar Dragon

So, I've been doing the little healthy habits facebook challenge thing with my friends during April. I've been doing really well and have been in the zone most of the time these past 4 weeks. I'm happy to say I made it out of the 140s! I haven't been here since after Sophi was born. I guess I was doing so well that I thought I'd be okay taking a little break this morning....

So last night I went to a bridal shower. I didn't eat any of their treats (cause it was after 7pm) but the lovely hostess sent me home with goodies. Then this morning didn't go as planned, and I wasn't able to exercise before the school rush, as I sat down to take a breather after it was over I thought I'd take a little comfort and relax as I enjoyed one or two of the cookies. And oh, they were so good - chocolate chip coconut walnut cookies and they were just the right chewy texture, they were so good, the perfect cookie. And then then I thought they were just small as far as cookies go, I could probably eat two and count it as one serving.... so I didn't just have one, I had two, then three, then 4. Ok Tiff, that's all. Stop. But she gave me a chocolate frosted brownie too... so I should probably just get rid of it now while I can - it's only minus 3 points so far... but before I knew it I was in a full on free fall eating a ton of junk. My Sugar Dragon had been awoken and was in full fury. (Sugar Dragon is from Whole30 lingo) I was eating treats in my kid stash that I had been easily resisting for weeks. I ate chocolate muffins and KitKats and rice krispie treats, I knew I'd lost control (someone stop me!) and was loosing respect for myself.
About that time I also happened to notice that I was in SUCH a bad mood! I was mad and irritated and didn't want to talk to kids and just wanted to be left alone. I still hadn't exercised but thought I could redeem it with a jog outside but I couldn't get away. I ended up just doing a 15 minute walk on the treadmill, that was all I could get in. I have -17 for the day (yikes) but was able to get my water drinking up so I'll report 20 tomorrow, but it was not pretty. I don't like feeling like I did today, especially when I can compare it with last week: I felt amazing last Fri - Sun after I OD'd on lettuce and tomatoes for 2 days as I fasted with my family (I fasted by eating only vegetables for 2 days, as I tried to fast but also attempted to not loosing my milk yet, although I can feel the time drawing near...) The difference in how I feel is very tangible. I am not going to let that sugar dragon come out of it's cage again for the rest of the month. My tastebuds think they love it, but I need to say no. I just don't like how I feel.
So, that is my take away from my bad sugar experience today. I can't trust myself to just take one bite and since I don't like the person it makes me become after I eat 100+ bites, I think this is where we are going to part ways. So long Sugar Dragon! You gotta stay in your dungeon.

One other thing, I went over to my parent's house for a blessing today. We all fasted for Corey and his work last week and also for my brother in law who is looking for a job too. My mom asked if Corey has had a blessing lately. I said yes, I believe he has been getting them regularly from his father. Then I thought "But I haven't had a blessing in a while, I could us a little boost..." So I went over there at 6 tonight and my Dad gave me a blessing. I'm not sure when was the last time I had one, but it was nice. This is all giving us experience, it will be okay. :) And I also made verbal plans to go up to Idaho with my mom and dad on August 21st to see the Solar Eclipse. Aug 21st is a Monday and will be the first day of school for the kids at Skyline and Churchill, but this Solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime opportunity! So I might let the kids that want to miss it sluff school and come up to Idaho with me and the elementary kids (Abi, Lil, and Sophi don't start until Wed the 23rd) It's going to be really cool! We're excited.

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