Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring Snow

Last night we had an inch or two of snow.  I woke up at 4 am and saw the snow out on the balcony and just laid there awake worrying about the birds! Now it's 8 pm and it's snowing again...
This morning I hurried out to check on the chicks after it started to get light and was relieved to see that the snow didn't collect under near the trunk, so they were safe, phew! Lily checked on them before school and begged to bring them in. "They look really cold!" Sweetie, there are lots of birds outside in this temperature, they'll be fine. Baby birds have special feathers to keep them warm (I'm googling and learning a lot about finches at the moment.) It was also good to see lots of bird droppings around them, made me know they are being taken care of.
That's a picture we took of them this afternoon, they are so cute!!! Mel couldn't resist picking one up. He didn't like it very much and flapped his wings and went fluttering across the ground trying to get away from her. That's just what you're supposed to do, little finch. Good job. She caught him and gave his feet a bit of warmth for a minute as she admired his cuteness.
We've decided they are both boys, and we've named them Douglas and Elliot. But we can't tell them apart.
And now I've been calling Daniel my baby bird. He's got the same look in his eyes as the birds, a lot of "Be gentle with me, I've got no defenses! I'm totally helpless here!" 
They just wait, trusting that food and help will come. But, Daniel, I'm glad you don't have to sleep outside on the ground overnight.  
Daniel eating the knob on a chair for nourishment? These baby humans would never survive in the wild. 

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