Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quick Hike

Abi really wanted to do something today again, ugh! What's up with this need she has to leave the house and do stuff!?! (j/k) I'm sure I used to enjoy doing stuff myself once upon a former life, but I've suppressed those things for my sanity's sake. If I still wanted to leave the house everyday, I'd probably go nuts cause it's such a hurdle to leave with the little ones in tow, and then I'd just get depressed and curl up in a ball and hide in the closet. But, on Saturday night, after Corey and I got back from our dinner date, it was still light outside and the kids were still happy watching their date night movie and Daniel was asleep with Melodie, so I snuck over to Abi and whispered "Do you still want to go on a hike? Let's go!" And we snuck out the basement door to throw any kids that were following (cause I didn't want to hike with toddlers) and phew we made it out! Off we went for a 2 minute drive and we started up the trail at 8:09. Selfie!
It took us 20 minutes to get up to the lake. We watched the sun set and took some photos for about 10 minutes.
The purple mountains majesty matched the purple of Abi's jacket. What a lovely area, we live in a beautiful place.
Then we hustled back to the car and got there before 9 just as it was getting dark. We made it back without having to use our flashlight, love these (almost) summer evenings. Yes, Abi, I love hiking, I love the mountains, and we'll try to get out a lot more this summer, I promise (but I have no idea how my dear mother had the strength to take us camping so often when I was a kid!)

Last month a friend posted on facebook about how the: "Second annual ladies backpacking trip was a blast! We had a fabulous time completing a 25 mile three day trip through the upper part of the Grand Gulch in Bears Ears National Monument. Lots of cool Anasazi dwellings, rock art, and artifacts along with some beautiful scenery. So glad to have great friends to share these experiences with!" And I saw all these friends from my neighborhood and I was like "Hey! one invited me?" (sad) Sure, I know I wouldn't have been able to make it work to go along anyway, but still! I felt like the sad dog in this farside comic...
And what does that say? Second annual!?! That means no one invited me last summer either! Yes, I was pregnant with Daniel at the time, but boo hoo for me, so sad. I'm one left out mama. I want to hike the Grand Gulch. :(
I'm sure that in another life I was an avid hiker and knew this lovely state of Utah and her mountains front and back. And I know that, if I really did have to choose, I'd definitely choose Daniel over doing 3 day hikes with friends. So, no pity party Tiff, you're doing what you want to be doing. Not to mention that I also know that a lot of these wonderful friends would have loved to have more children but haven't been able to. I'm super lucky and blessed to have what I've been given. They are all great friends and great moms and I'm so lucky to be raising my family in an area where they and their great kids influence my family. I love being a mother. As a high school friend Alisa said on facebook tonight (beating the Mother's day rush tomorrow) "'s the most rewarding job there is.... and I would not be complete without it." Motherhood is my mission! I would not be complete without it. I know someday I won't have a baby to nurse (though the thought of that could make me cry since having a baby in arms is almost all I can remember now!) :'( But life will go on and as I get old and can't bear children anymore, I have big goals to stay active and fit to keep up with you kids. And we'll go on lots of great hikes like we did today, Abi, I promise. But for now, let's head back home and kiss Daniel!

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