Thursday, May 11, 2017

What a Mess

Ugh, the mess in my house has been pretty constant these past few weeks. Sure, the main floor will get a breath of fresh air on occasion. It got decently picked up when Ethan had friends over last weekend. But usually it's just, ugh. And upstairs, the bedrooms are always messy, the clean laundry I wash is never folded and put away by anyone, despite my instructions. Hy and Wes' room.
Girl's room... It is never clean (Doh, is this just an example of the power of words? How my saying "It is never clean" then curses it to never be clean?" Ok, I need to work on the power of my words...)
I didn't take a picture of Ethan and Joseph's room cause I picked it up a bit last night. Don't worry, it won't take them long to hurricane it up again. We need help. So, this morning, I left the bedrooms and laundry upstairs, it's been that way for a month, it'll be that way a little or a lot longer. I went downstairs. Time to face the mess that I knew was there waiting for me (cause I walked away from most of it last night.) Yup there it is:
A plate of left over french toast that someone enjoyed as a late dinner. This was Ethan, cause I saw him eating the french toast. But we had orange chicken for dinner, evidenced by the 8 bowls of uneaten rice left scatter across the kitchen counter tops. so the french toast must have been his dessert.
And here's the bowl he mixed their eggs and milk in, still left out by the stovetop... I walk away from messes in the bedrooms, I walked away from this kitchen mess last night... I guess the kids are following my example cause it appears that we all just walk away from messes? The messy find that really got me was this:
I found this plate on top of the microwave. That is where we put treats we want to keep safe or share with everyone. This is a plate with a raw egg scrambled and now dried and stuck onto it, safely tucked away. All I could do was sigh and shake my head as I tried to fathom WHY? Why do they go out of their ways to make messes? AND make the messes hard to clean up? What is the point of this waste? I ask you! AHHH! I simply do not understand the complete lack of logic that led to this. Please, my CHILDREN! (Ethan I'm guessing this was you since you were the last one I knew to be using eggs last night for your french toast) I have enough messes from the 5 and under group, (cue Owen)
This little guy is still figuring things out. That is why, when he eats an apple, he takes a bite, chews it up, and spits it out all over the floor... 
I can deal with that, I expect that from the one year old. And I do appreciate your guys' help cleaning up after the little kids. But I beg of you, please, I don't need my teenagers to be contributing needlessly to the mess in this house! I need you to HELP! Do you see this kitchen?!?! Lets get a wide angle view~ 
Do you see that sink? The kitchen sink and it's plethora of dirty cups which are mass produced by lots of little kids and their little sips of water?
Oh, I'm still thirsty (grab another cup~ ) Better. No, still thirsty. (grab another clean cup, repeat x100) My goodness. And I found this surprise in the basement, since everyone follows the "no food out of the kitchen" rule so well. A crumbled poppy seed muffin in the bottom half of the baby's little tikes cow toy. Nice. (Lily!)
I need help. sigh. smh.

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