Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer Chore Logistics

Trying to do some prep work for our summer plan of attack. I've been reading "Large Family Logistics" again and I'm liking chapter 15 this time. I spent today writing out lists of all the tasks to be done in each room of the house.
I put the lists in sheet protectors and then on clip boards with markers so they can mark off the boxes. I'm putting them in the kids rooms so they know what is expected of them for the day -
And they are to be hung in the cleaning closet when they are finished. 
I've also made kid name tags and room tags, so I can tag the kid and it is very clear that they know where they are supposed to clean. And they have to wear the tag until they have it cleaned and checked off by me.
Here's Ethan taking care of a different task, but with the reminder of his room responsibility still plain for all of us to see. The older kids are done with school tomorrow. Saturday is going to be our trial run. Summer chores, bring it on!

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