Friday, May 26, 2017

Spring Gala

Today was the last day or school for the older kids. It was a busy day trying to manage everything and get people where they needed to be. Wesley had his last concert at school, Hyrum had his 8th grade promotion party. Melodie had a Spring Gala tonight up at the Libby Gardner Concert Hall with her Gifted Music School group. Joseph had to play for Skyline's graduation and then came home. Joseph and Ethan both had friends who were doing stuff, but we made them come to Mel's concert. My mom and Dad came over to watch Owen and Daniel, so even I was able to go! It was a real treat. I didn't get any pictures or video of the concert, but it was really nice. Melodie didn't play as much as I thought she would, but it was our first gala, we weren't sure what to expect. J & E wondered why her concert was such a big deal and why we all had to go, when we don't all go to their concerts... The answer to that is we don't all go usually cause I've got babies and no sitters. And if I'm home with kids we just have one car and one driver to get us there, cause J is usually gone or had to get there early for call time. Anyway, we're not playing favorites, I promise. You're dad and I try to go to as many concerts as we can. And Joseph, you were there when I did a concert once with little kids...  and you saw first hand how it is not fun, right? Right. So, yeah, we do what we can.

Natalie was glad that after all that hard work of sitting still and being quiet, she got rewarded with cookies and dessert!
That made it tolerable for Joseph and Ethan too. The coconut chocolate chip walnut chewy cookies were soooo tasty.
I sadly didn't get a picture of Mel. She was off chatting with her fellow musicians. Just a few more last hurrahs and then we'll have a break for summer with most of the kids activities. Almost there.

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