Monday, May 8, 2017

Quarry Trail

Corey headed to Seattle last night, he'll be gone this whole week. The kids just have a few more weeks of school. Joseph has two AP tests this week. He says that after this week he's home free. Last day of school is the 26th for the older kids. We're hanging in there and are looking forward to summer break. We got a little taste of it this past weekend. On Saturday, Abi really wanted to go on a hike. I felt like there was still so much that hadn't been done around the house. But eventually the little kids did enough that I consented to take them on a hike. We drove over to the quarry trail head and wandered around the paved path.
This little guy is starting to get adventurous. Wandering around on his own,
Soon his was following his sister's examples and took a gander at climbing on the rocks
The kids were singing "Nature Cat" songs as they played ~ It's so much fun to get outdoors!
Lily and Sophi started a new club - the ADVENTURE GIRLS!!
They said Abi could join the club too. (Lily likes to dab.)
It was nice to get outside. I hope we do more of it this summer. I need to make a plan of attack to get outdoors instead of just watching pbs with my kids about cartoons that get outdoors.

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