Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Best Christmas Ever!

Here we are on the kids final trip to the Lego store on Wednesday to give them one last chance to get excited about the presents they were sure they would not receive. After reading a friend's idea, I suggested to the kids that we have an imagination Christmas. The benefits would be great. There'd be no limit to the Christmas presents they could receive! All the accessories would be included! The toys would never break! The gifts would be economical and good for the environment! Wow! Of course they shot down that idea, ...but at the same time I could see in their faces that they feared we'd follow through on delivering it. (insert evil laugh) Hahaha!

To help us more in our deception, last week Corey had to get 4 new tires for the car that our friend has lent to us - $300 each. Corey has since told the kids many times "Don't you love our new tires! Don't they drive so smoothly! Aren't you so happy we got new tires for Christmas?! We'll wrap each of the tires with a bow for you all on Christmas morning." We'd also been able to set expectations low by letting them in on the fact that StartUp Chile hasn't reimbursed any of Corey's expenses yet, things like our airfare down here, mucho dinero which, as of last month, we hadn't planned on spending, leaving little room to breathe in the budget.

So yesterday the kids went to a movie with Corey while I took Lily with me shopping. I bought the big presents first, and then put them in the car, then bought a few other small things. When they were done with the movie I met them with only two small bags in my possession... "What's in the bags Mom?" "Oh, one is a present for Dad, the other is a few things for you guys..." We really had them fooled.

So the stage was set, and now it's Christmas morning. Having very successfully set their expectations waaaay low, (I dare say almost non-existent!), Corey and I are now reaping the benefits.

Here they are opening their presents - score!!!

I love Wesley's little face - he was super excited, he's such a cutie

Hyrum and Wes sharing the Star Wars AT-AT

Mel and Abi (mostly Mel) got City Corner - I didn't get a before picture of her with her box, but here is her set finished 4 hours later:

And Joe and Ethan -

- these two were so surprised, they were jumping up and down screaming "THE BURROW!!!!" Huge thank you to W&J for sending the Harry Potter Legos that aren't available here - I really should have had a hidden camera somewhere recording it. (If I have the camera out in the open, they switch into drama reality tv mode and act way abnormal.) But they were being pretty hilarious.

Here they are 4 hours later - still in the same spot, but not in their underwear anymore - finished building the sets

As they were all busily at work putting their sets together, they'd randomly shout out to each other when they remembered their excitement

"Mel! I thought this was going to be the worst Christmas ever, but it's really the BEST Christmas ever! I can't believe I got the AT-AT!!"

Hyrum 4 hours after:

Still got a ways to go - this is a set for 14 year olds ya know.

UPDATE - 8 hours later -
I'll post the pictures in a sec. (corey's uploading something) the kids are still at it - they've been at it all day! Love legos. They're worth every cent!


  1. JOE

    Mom you forgot about Hagrid's hut we got that one too.and now it's 7:15 here and Hyrum's still building almost done though.

  2. glad you had a great Christmas. We love you all.

    W & J

  3. Did you seriously have to pay $300 for a tire or was the price part of the deception? Crazy you can afford anything down there!!!

  4. That is genius! I'm glad it was the best ever! Miss you guys! ~Beka


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