Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chocolate Cereal

Our first week in Chile we were introduced to Chocapic, which I found to be a pretty tasty cereal. Nice and crunchy. In Costa Rica the boxes of cereal were pretty small and the kids were able to go through a box of cereal at a sitting. Here, the boxes are a bit bigger and we can get a meal and a half from a box. So we've already gone through three boxes of Chocapic, so I thought I'd go with what seemed to be a generic brand of the same cereal: Power and Rolls to see how it was - Gran Cereal - that means Great Cereal. This is what it looks like...

I saw the rolls on the box, but seriously didn't think they were really chocolate candy for some reason. I mean no body would think that was a good idea for a cereal - that's not healthy, who would buy that for their kids? Well, I opened the box, and these rolls are seriously chocolate covered balls of cereal. It made me think of Toy Story 2's Cowboy Crunchies: "the only cereal that sugar frosted and dipped in chocolate!" They put that part in the movie to make fun of sugar cereals, trying to think of something that would really be over the top. And here I had proof of it in front of me that South America is over the top!

Corey saw me dishing this up for the kids, and asks "Why do you keep buying this stuff?" I don't know, I really don't. Oh well, "Kids, let's say a prayer..." Corey made me laugh as he commented "I don't think a prayer will help with that..." "Okay... let's pray that it doesn't kill us."

The kids liked it. Enjoy it kids, cause I can't ever buy it again.

This was in Vina del Mar in our one bedroom suite. That's why there are kids are eating their cereal on the floor.

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  1. Don't forget from Calvin and Hobbes---Chocolate frosted sugar bombs. Calvin's favorite. Nothing like a good dose of sugar to get a kid started right in the morning.


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