Wednesday, December 29, 2010

City Laundry

So I think living in this small apartment is kinda like living in a really really nice deluxe motorhome! Or in an executive suite of a cruise ship. Small, but functional. And it's so easy to clean!!! I can clean the whole kitchen - wash dishes, wipe counters, sweep and mop - in 10 minutes. Although it's usually longer cause kids are still in there eating.

On Monday night I moved half of the dining room chairs downstairs into the small storage room we have and it's made the space here feel lots better - more room for the kids to play, less worried about dinging the walls. They are usually standing when they play anyway.

Another part of daily living is laundry, and I'm doing great at that. We do a one load everyday, whites or darks usually, and then hang it up, cause there is only space on the line dry for one load, I realized after having too much the first week we got here when I hadn't done laundry for a week cause of the trip down here and the time in Vina. So when we moved in I did too much laundry and didn't have room to dry it. So it helps me keep on top of it. Of course the kids like to help.

And here's how Melodie helps - she provides the entertainment.

On her lips, nose and ears - Ouch?

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