Thursday, December 23, 2010

Corey Games

Corey had a good laugh yesterday as he had a group of kids that didn't speak the same language team up and compete. He made them do all sorts of silly things that they wouldn't do under normal circumstances, but if you add in an element of competition, it's game on!

They took turns the Spanish teammate having the gringo do something or the gringo telling the latino to do something, such as:

- You have to teach her how to do Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny woops Johnny woops Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny
- They have to walk backwards with their eyes closed around the playset and back
- Go Dip their left foot in the big pool
- They have to ride on your back with their arms out flying singing "You gotta friend in me!"
- You lie down and he has to do steamroller you

Corey was loving seeing the kids look silly and act silly and they did the silly things he told them.

I know I'm biased, but I just love his smile when he's really laughing hard.

I'm glad the kids are making friends with the Chilean kids here. :) Excited for them to make friends at school when it starts in March.

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