Monday, December 6, 2010

Left To Figure It Out

When we got home from church yesterday, the kids were changing into their regular clothes. As I previously mentioned (see paragraph 2), all of their clothes have been moved out of their bedroom closets and are together in the room downstairs where I am sorting and packing. So, Hyrum had already changed, Mel and Abi were changing, Joe and Ethan were waiting for their turn, when I hear the kids yelling for me over a "situation" - my code word for problem. Seems the door handle won't open and Mel and Abi are stuck in the room.

Joe and Ethan are trying to open it, I go to help. We all try doing the same things: wiggle, turn the handle, turn the handle harder. We try to see if we can get a plastic card (room key from the Marriott) into the crack, nothing. I turn it really hard as if willing to have it bust, just get them out. Abi and Mel are both calm. Mel's trying to open it from her side. 10 minutes into it. They are still calm, Joe and Ethan are still trying to turn it, we've made plans to slide them tortillas under the door for food, luckily they have water and a toilet in that room's bathroom. I'm online trying to get in touch with the property managers or Corey who has their cell numbers - I did have their numbers, but they were written on a piece of paper that has probably been thrown away since I left it by the phone instead of on the fridge.

Ok, no one is online, I leave both Becky and Yira messages on skype to call me. So, no luck there, now what? I don't even have the phone numbers of ward members. Doh! 20 minutes into the lock in, Joe and Ethan go outside to the window to give Abi and Mel some bananas. Seeing the window panes, they get the idea that maybe they can slide the glass out and get a hole big enough for the damsels in distress to escape.

Brilliant! It worked. Abi and Melodie were set free, then Joe and Ethan climbed in to get their pjs for later, and the property managers got my messages around 9 pm. The door stayed locked all day Sunday and through today until noon when the fix-it guy from Blue Waters came and busted it off. He had to climb through the window too. I never knew that was a possibility to climb through the windows that way. Pretty easy to do, doesn't make a lot of noise, seems like a convenient way to break and enter. I'm glad I didn't know about it until now, might have been more nervous here in CR without my provider and protector around.

So! Now it's all fixed and I did a great job packing and cleaning today. We might reward ourselves with a trip to Arenal tomorrow morning, or may go see the RMs, or both! We'll see what I think I've got energy for. I'm very thankful the girls were locked in a bedroom on the bottom floor so we could break in from the window without needing a ladder. Thankful for my smart boys who figured it out. My heros! We are feeling like survivors. Grateful our trials aren't anything big (knock on wood). We got plumbing, food, shelter, and sunny weather! Thank you Lord~ I know he loveth his children.


  1. JOE
    it as mostly me ,ethan came out with bannana's after I was out and left and came out again after I was done and came in the room with me.

  2. What a fantastic story!! One the Wride's will remember forever! I forsee a day when the first Wride gets married. All the siblings are together and talking old times. "You remember the time we were locked in the bathroom and you gave us tortillas under the door and bananas thru the window?"


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