Monday, December 27, 2010

Brian Regan Lego Minifigure!

Look what my creative kids did! Some background - I got an email from saying that a download of his new CD "All By Myself" was available. We went and saw this show at Symphony Hall and saw this, said they were recording for a cd, so I've been looking forward to this. Great stuff. We love Brian, I thought it'd be a good Christmas Present for Corey and the kids, since they all love him too. I downloaded it in Costa Rica before we moved to Chile, we listened to it a few times there but not here so that it would be a surprise for Corey. (I can tell not all of these tracks were from our show, slight difference in pronunciation and emphasis on words. I'm sure they did several recordings.)

So Christmas morning, after opening presents, Joe says "Hey Mom, can we listen to the other gift?" "Yes! We can now!" so I turn it on. The kids were playing with their legos as they listened. An hour or so later, Joe tells me to come look - And there he his - a Brian Regan Lego Minifigure, complete with his microphone and glass of water, telling jokes to all the other minifigures that came to see his show!

Telling Jokes

The Minifigure Audience
A View of Brian on the Stage
I started to list my favorite parts, but then realized I'd listed every track, so just listen to it - it's all hilarious. I'm laughing again!

"Tuna fish Sandwich!"
"I'm gonna hear myself a Caribou"
"Wow, she looks great! I wish I had a body like that!"
"Everyone's head exploded, except for mine..."
"Do you think you're hero? No..."
"Did you see the footage of that plane coming in?"
"...with luggage and dry socks!"
"It does seem rather precarious..."
"Knock that smile off your face!"
"Well, it does! It truly does..."
"Ah! Macaroni and Cheese! I like checking the mystery box"
"There's a J and a C. Good Luck!"

Track 10 - Crime and Vampires!! This was the minifigure shouting out to Brian from the balcony seating.

Buy it here for only $12.99 - funny stuff!

All you Hibberts, get listening so we can all laugh as we quote him at Beka's wedding.


  1. JOE

    honey where's my pyramid.oh ok. I'm gonna have some grain's,oh and do you have legumes.

  2. You know we will be quoting Brian and Monkees and Cosby until dark once everyone is out here! Can't wait! ~Beka


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