Sunday, December 19, 2010

1999 to 2010 Timeline

1999 Feb - married
1999 Fall - school at BYU - go full time during spring and summer terms, fall term we're each taking 18 credits cause we're expecting

2000 Jan - Welcome Baby Joseph!
2000 Aug - Graduate from BYU, move to Sandy, Utah
2000 Dec - Welcome Baby Melodie! (What?!?) Insert Corey "If you'd have told me last year that by next year I'd have two kids?" and he gets that deer in the headlights expression.

2002 Mar - Welcome to the world Ethan!

2003 Aug - Welcome to the world Hyrum! Corey applies to MBA programs, was really interested in the Lauder program with Wharton cause of the international emphasis. He took a trip to Chile to attend an Endeavor conference in Santiago. Endeavor recruits Wharton grads.

2004 Apr - move to BYU for Corey to get his MBA - his emphasis is international entrepreneurship. He goes to Brazil a few times to teach GMAT classes to a group of LDS members there. He loves waving BYU's flag.

2005 June - Hello baby Wesley, 1st year of MBA over, Corey works on his own business called Evolving Web.

2006 Apr - Graduate from BYU, we move to Virginia for Corey's job with a start up company near Washington DC. DC is my promised land. I love it there. Corey teaches another GMAT class in Brazil.

2006 Oct - Corey learns that most all entrepreneurs are just figure it out as they go. He begins to think of really doing his own thing.

2007 Feb - Corey quits his job, we move to Campinas Brazil where he has friends from GMAT classes, where he hopes to do market research for Media Mouth. We are there for 4 months. I'm pregnant and we've got 5 kids. Here's my loooong post about that experience.

2007 Aug - Move back to Utah, rent a home in Granite this time (part of Sandy), I love Granite!
2007 Sep - Abigail is born!
2007 Oct - Corey takes a trip to India for three weeks to visit his Media Mouth developers there.

2008 - Life in Granite is peachy, but I always can find something to gripe about! What's wrong with me? Corey still working on Media Mouth.

2009 Jun - Lily is born! Doh, 9 people now! We need to buy another car...

2010 Mar - Corey keeps running in to people who have recently visited Costa Rica or have lived there and they all say "How come no one ever told me about this place?!?!" It's amazing, wonderful, magical, and the wheels start turning in his head... I guess it has been a while, and we can't rent here forever, can we?

2010 Jul - We go and get passports for everyone.

2010 Aug - We give our 30 days notice to our rental management company. We buy tickets to Costa Rica and plan to stay there 3 months. We find out, the day after giving our 30 days notice, that they had written us an email saying that we had to be out by October 1st cause the owner had to move in. We feel the Lord is in it.

I've been good about blogging since August 2010, so feel free to catch up on the blog that way. I will now post about what exactly Media Mouth is, from my perspective. Corey, feel free to contribute if you have anything you'd like to share.

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  1. Thanks! This is awesome! I thought we were gypsies but you have us beat X10! Enjoy the adventures!


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