Friday, December 3, 2010

More Pics of Samara

I already posted the pictures I had of Joe - having mud fights

Here are the rest of the kids:
Melodie first...

She's so creative - she thought of this feet sculpture on her own. Then I recommended she try and do it on her knees.
We were laughing at the pictures of her. Funny!

Then there's Ethan -
Looks like he got stuck in quicksand! Perhaps more appropriately called Sticksand. The kids would try and dig a hole in the mud, then let it sink all around them and they were held tight - it was really packed together sand.

Hyrum had fun in the mudfight, in the waves, and drawing in the sand.

as did Wesley - here drawing the face of a Ben 10 omnitrix watch.

Wes also got a small scratch on his heel as he played on the reef. He was sure he was fatally wounded.

He thought I was pretty mean for not carrying him back to our beach camp. I made him walk. "You can do hard things."

And here is our pretty Abi.

All smiles.

And the last and littlest one, Little Lil

Giving me lots of leg hugs during the day, eating lots of dirt, drinking lots of juice

Love that little face.

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  1. I think your kids are the most creative kids I've ever met. It's all those adventures that do it. The beach looks fun, and dirty! Very cute pics. I love how concerned Wes looks. He always has had such an expressive face (Corey does too now that I think about it).


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