Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Parent Trap

I think some day I'm gonna be in trouble... when these kids are older, they might try something sneaky on me. Wes in the red had, Abi in her little white slip, right?
(Or her negligee as Corey calls it, and did not approve when I took her to run errands dressed in it. She's a little kid, it's okay for them to go out in their almost underwear)

OH NO! You guys tricked me again!!!

I think this picture of Abi is so cute!!!!

Well Wesley! Don't you look pretty!

Since I was laughing and taking pictures, of course it got all the older kids' attention and they wanted to play too. Ethan as Mel and Mel as Ethan

Joe as Hyrum, Hyrum as Joe. Hmm, not as convincing, but I'll give you points for trying. 5 points for Gryffindor.


  1. That's too cute those two. Wesley's a cute boy but he'd also be a cute little girl.

  2. We're laughing at this one.

    After I read your earlier scorpion post, I was thinking about how I would do in that in a foreign land with 7 kids, no husband, pregnant, and smashing scorpions.... I was wondering how many meltdowns I would have! We have loved all the updates from costa rica, and we were talking today about how fondly your kids are going to look back at their childhood adventures.

    Hope you guys make it to chile without any more scorpion incidents.

  3. I love Hyrum's expression there - it looks like Joe!

  4. Whoa! Abi and Wes- I was fooled! So funny!! Mom! Dad! Come see Tiff's blog you gotta see this!


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