Sunday, December 19, 2010

Media Mouth

I probably can't say too much about this, as he's still got the cat in the bag, shh!! But Corey has been working hard and we feel the Lord's blessing in helping him with his Media Mouth business. Basically, the software is to help people use movies to learn languages. (Corey, email me if I've said too much) That's what took us to Brazil, and that time there has helped him much in knowing the market. That was also part of the reason we went to Costa Rica. And Corey heard about a program called "Start Up Chile" in August before we went to Costa Rica, and we both thought it would be perfect for him and Media Mouth, seeing as he served his mission here and there are lots of people who want to learn English here. He applied in October and was accepted in November, and told he had to be here by Nov. 25th, and so here we are.

My self appointed job as Media Mouth secretary is to take photos of language schools or advertisements in our travels. These are from Costa Rica

Learn English NOW! at Oceano Languages

Costa Rica Language Academy

And I saw a school on the short walk to Lider

I also take this pictures so that I have their phone numbers if we want to call to sell them the software later. :)

I also take pics of things that prove people need this software. Asia is another target market for Media Mouth - have you seen ENGRISH? Some funny Stuff - just scroll left or right at the bottom of the photos to see more. This one from the Monkey Park in Costa Rica meant to say "Dead End" The kids thought it was funny.

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  1. Hello.- I read about MovieMouth on the newspaper and web site.
    I am on Santiago Chile and I would like to be in contact with you (Corey) to know how I can use this method/software.

    Please contact me to or to my mobile phone number 9-1394094

    Really I am interested to learn English. My main objective is to hear perfectly this languaje.

    Cristobal Perez


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