Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little Kids & Big Kids

I love being a mother. It's hard to explain the joy you feel as you see your little children grow and learn new things. Also, seeing the creative things they come up with always makes my heart happy. For example, Wesley figured out how to make Woody fly like Buzz. Do you, too, want to know how to give your stuffed cowboy dolly arm support. Wesley presents the perfect solution: Polly pocket dresses

Actually, they're not from Polly's closet, these are Cinderella and Snow White dresses. The rbber material makes his arms still pliable and playable, but also provides enough support to make Woody fully capable of flying to infinity and beyond! The older kids and I all enjoyed Wesley's creativity.

I'm also discovering how great it is to see these older kids come into their own. They are such good helpers. Sometimes they revert into their little kid fighting and teasing modes, but most of the time, these 8+ year olds have become my second, third, and fourth pairs of hands.

Joe is so good at helping with Lily - ever since we tried our hand at homeschooling in January 2010, he's been the one with the magic touch to get her to take a nap and go to sleep. He's saved my sanity many times.

(He can't be very comfortable scrunched up in there like that, can he?)

Melodie is a great older sister too - I love to see her nurture her younger sisters. She will be a wonderful mother someday!

Melodie playing with Lily, making Lily laugh. Lily's smile is precious

Ethan loves to play and joke and have fun. Sometimes he is a bit too clever for his own good :) He's a smartie pants. He loves to have fun with everyone and is usually the last one to get worn out.

Ethan and Hyrum dancing to the music with Abi. They are great big brothers.

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  1. JOE

    Mom I usually sleep in a ball like that to keep a little warmer so it was comfortable.


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