Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tiffanie's Last Hurrah

Well, I had tentative plans to go see Volcan Arenal today as my last hurrah. Pros: it would be beautiful to see a volcano. I love the Costa Rican landscape, jungles, and trees, so I'd enjoy the drive. It would be fun if I were by myself or with other adults, but I am by myself with kids. So then I think Cons: it's a long drive with 7 kids in tow. It isn't just my last hurrah, its the kids' last hurrah too... a 4+ hour drive might be a little much for them. They are simple creatures. So we didn't make it to Arenal, and decided to go by the over priced "Monkey Park" instead.

$10 each, but I didn't have to pay for Lily, so = $70, probably cheaper than the gas it would take me to drive to Arenal and back home. Plus now we will have time to go to the RMs one last time and the kids can play and I can see my girlfriends and also borrow their Dyson to vacuum out my rental car so I don't get an extra cleaning fee charge for it being exceptionally dirty from collecting 3 months worth of sand from our family outings to the beach (run on sentence).

So we went to the Monkey Park. I thought it was like a petting zoo, but it's not, it's a non-endangered wild animal rehabilitation park.

Loved the Toucan - such beautiful colors on it's beak.

The Scarlet Macaw - I love this bird. I predict that someday it will be the Geico Gecko-type mascot for M o v i e Mouth.

Ethan's got the map, the kids saying cheese to be before continuing on the trail.

Hyrum was sweet holding Lily's hand. Love my big kids!

Un Crocodilio!

Another beautifully designed creature - the Ocelot. Love the patterns in it's fur, beautiful. The kids had fun, but Hyrum wished there had a been more turtles. Not really worth the $70, but what are ya gonna do. I would have felt the $30-$40 price range for our family to be more appropriate, so $5 a person. I'll let them know that for when you come.

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