Tuesday, December 21, 2010

They're Dreaming of a Lego Christmas!

On Saturday, I took the kids to the Jumbo Mall in Las Condes. This mall is amazing. Huge. Jumbo is a store there, and it's jumbo huge. Before we got to the store, we happened upon this in the display window of another store at the mall...
Can you see the stuff in there? It's Legos galore. They've got the Taj Mahal, London Bridge, the Death Star, the walking AT-AT, the Space Shuttle...

I'd like to buy that one for my Dad and he and my kids could make it together. Anyway, lots of huge sets of Legos at this store. The kids were practically drooling. Or atleast they looked like all the kids staring in the window in the movie "A Christmas Story".
So instead of going to Jumbo for our errands, we spent 45 minutes in the Lego store so the kids could fantasize of receiving $2000 worth of legos on Christmas morning.
The Death Star - very cool, 24 minifigures. $800. Only costs $399 on Lego.com, but I think Corey said they don't ship to Chile. So yeah, any Legos here are double what they cost in the US. Doh!
Still, a great selection. Lots and lots of Legos - took up a whole wall.
Joe and Ethan in awe.
They've got Lego City Corner. That's the one Mel requested in November as her payment for coming along to Chile. $140. $60 on Lego.com. The prices here are killing me slightly. It's about the same as Costa Rica, so feels normal. We are going to be loving it when we go back to the Promised Land of the blessed US of A.
Hyrum, looking at me with the face that all of my children will probably be giving me for the next 5 months as they talk about the Legos they want. Hyrum wants the set with Captain Rex. That one was only in the display window, so I didn't see the exact price for sure, but my guess is $200.

Ethan, dreaming of the big Atlantis set. $200 at the store, $100 on Lego.com.
"Look at that one! Wow! Look at that one! Mom, Mom! Look at that!!"
I want I want I want!!!

So my kids are dreaming of a Lego Christmas. We'll try to make it a bit of a reality, but I hope their expectations aren't way out of reach. We're going to try and keep their expectations really low.
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