Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Melodie!!

Melodie is 10 years old!

Happy Birthday Melodie! We love you! It was a simple birthday for Melodie with the move to Chile that took place 3 days before her big day. Melodie was an angel and didn't complain or anything. Here she is with her present:

And her birthday cake...

With some siblings looking on hoping for a bite...

We only got one slice of cake for her, since we walked to the store and I didn't think a big cake would survive the walk home with a kid carrying it, and I couldn't carry it cause I had to carry kids and groceries myself. And I didn't buy a box of mix cause I'm not sure yet how to cook in our small kitchen. So, a slice of cake for Mel was it. The other kids had eaten enough candy that they got at church anyway.

So something fun, if you look at my facebook profile for the next month, you will notice that I have two 10 year old children. Yes, I have twins! Not identical or fraternal twins, but I have Irish twins. Melodie and Joseph were both born in the year 2000 - Joseph in January, Melodie in December. I remember when I was at the hospital for Melodie's delivery, the nurses were asking me questions - "Do you have any other children?" "Yes, one." "What year was he born?" "2000." The nurse pauses, doesn't write down my answer... "2000?" "Yes." "This year?" "Yup, in January." "WOW!" So there's an interesting thing for Mel and Joe to use ate future social gatherings when they have to tell something unique about themselves.

We love you, Melodie!

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  1. Ooooh, now there's a nurse's reaction I wish I saw. Happy Birthday Mel! Miss you! ~Beka


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