Monday, December 6, 2010


Corey took this picture and says I'm hot stuff. I like that. This is our skype chat that led up to our phone call last night. I thought it was funny. The "Martin" story is something goofy that for some reason is part of our engagement. I can tell that story if you'd like.

Corey Wride: it's you
Corey Wride: you're the woman that I love, are you not?

Tiffanie Wride: yes

Tiffanie Wride: but the kids follow me

Tiffanie Wride: I turned off all the lights two hours ago, thinking it would calm them and ease them into thoughts of slumber, but they've been playing hide and seek in the dark. I'm glad they're being creative. It's cause we haven't had the tv on today.

Tiffanie Wride: I like no tv.

Corey Wride: I also like no TV

Tiffanie Wride: although TV is an easy escape from their noise and I've been tempted several times.

Tiffanie Wride: but I resisted

Tiffanie Wride: and I am glad.

Corey Wride: are you as beautiful as I remember you?

Tiffanie Wride: no

Corey Wride: no?

Tiffanie Wride: nope, cause I've gotta scowl

Corey Wride: why do you have a scowl?

Tiffanie Wride: too many kids and too many bites of chocolate = scowl. tomorrow I'm going to try too many kids and no chocolate and see what that equals.
I'm experimenting with how diet affects my mood

Corey Wride: what are your plans for tomorrow?

Tiffanie Wride: oh, I got BIG plans, it's my last hurrah

Tiffanie Wride: you can read about it

Tiffanie Wride: the kids all took a vote

Tiffanie Wride: tune into the blog tomorrow night

Corey Wride: hum...

Corey Wride: no sneak preview?

Tiffanie Wride: I'll email you the preview tomorrow

Tiffanie Wride: cause it's contingent on my mood at 6 a.m.

Corey Wride: is it something I'd approve of?

Corey Wride: you're not one to use the word "contingent" are you?

Corey Wride: who is this?

Tiffanie Wride: um, maybe I should look up the definition of contingent.

Corey Wride: no, I think you used it properly...just the 2nd or 3rd little thing that seems out of character

Corey Wride: how can I be sure it's you?

Tiffanie Wride: Yes, contingent

Tiffanie Wride:

Tiffanie Wride: adjective

Tiffanie Wride: Definition of CONTINGENT 1: likely but not certain to happen : possible 2: not logically necessary; especially : empirical 3a : happening by chance or unforeseen causes b : subject to chance or unseen effects : unpredictable c : intended for use in circumstances not completely foreseen

Tiffanie Wride: contingent isn't so impressive of a word for a person to use, is it?

Tiffanie Wride: how low is your opinion of my use of vocabulary?

Corey Wride: I'm not saying its impressive or not, just saying I didn't expect it from Tiffanie
Corey Wride: I suspect I may be talking with someone else
Corey Wride: someone who has taken my wife captive and is trying to pass for her

Tiffanie Wride: well, it would probably be used by Tiffanie, er, by me more often if we planned out our weeks and days. You know, used a schedule. And events of said schedule would be contingent on a lot of things I bet.

Corey Wride: I'm not interested in the use of the word "contingent" - I'm interested in confirming your identity

Tiffanie Wride: sorry, the webcam is busted.

Tiffanie Wride: it got black permanent marker drawn on it's little window.

Tiffanie Wride: you know kids, they do the darndest things.

Tiffanie Wride: shucks

Corey Wride: hum...if you weren't Tiffanie, that would be a clever way to avoid having me see a picture of you to prove it's you

Tiffanie Wride: Okay, fine, I admit it.

Corey Wride: "shucks" isn't a word Tiffanie uses much either

Tiffanie Wride: I am Martin

Corey Wride: just as I suspected

Tiffanie Wride: Tiffanie belonged to me years ago

Corey Wride: where is she now? I demand to know

Tiffanie Wride: just cause I had to drive a Tico car from CR to SLC and got stuck in Honduras in 1999 does not give you the right to her hand in marriage.

Tiffanie Wride: I've been following you for years, and I finally saw my chance.

Tiffanie Wride: haha!!!
Tiffanie Wride: I contacted my Gadianton robber friends in the Chilean government to lure you there
Tiffanie Wride: you'll never see a dime

Tiffanie Wride: or your wife again either!!!

Tiffanie Wride: (...but I think I'll send you the kids.)

Tiffanie Wride: HAHAHA!

Corey Wride: You're not Martin

Corey Wride: Spanish speakers do IM laughs like this "ja ja ja ja"

Corey Wride: who are you really?

Tiffanie Wride: Well after living around the corner from your for years in Sandy, I've assimilated very nicely

Tiffanie Wride: Tiffanie will be very happy with me

Tiffanie Wride: I'm a dentist now.

Tiffanie Wride: I drive a truck and have been trained in weekend honey-dos, I plant flowers, paint tree houses, and work from 9-5

Corey Wride: it wont work

Corey Wride: she's given up on all that

Tiffanie Wride: you don't have a chance

Corey Wride: she's still my wife. I'll have you arrested. I'll come after you. I'll never let her go
Corey Wride: I can be in CR tomorrow if I have to

Tiffanie Wride: ok, nevermind, you can have her. Her kids are here buggin' me. I'm outta here.
Tiffanie Wride: Corey! Thank goodness for all these kids!
Tiffanie Wride: Can we call?

Corey Wride: Yes!

So then we did a video call. We tried to talk around the kids for a bit, kids who like to see their lego creations on the monitor screen, then we got tired of trying that and sent them to bed, then we stared at each other for an hour and wonder how we ever survived 3 1/2 years apart. I can tell that story too for anyone who doesn't know. It involves both of us serving missions for the Church, lots of letter writing, and missing each other by a week. If we pretend we're back in time at that point again, of when I was about to come home, then 3 days doesn't seem like much. Actually I think serving a mission was a really good move on my part. I had been longing for his love since 7th grade, so it had always been there, it was good for me to be gone and doing my own thing to let him get that longing feeling for me. Now he's hopeless. JA JA JA!

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